Farmer - Karan Beer Bhullar

Skilled Labor - Trades
Experience 3 Year(s)

Hi there.

I am a 25 year old unmarried male from Punjab, India. Punjab also known as ‘Granary of India’ produces 17% of India’s wheat with less than 2% of India’s land. 

I am third generation farmer. My family has been doing grain farming for more than 5 decades. I have worked In India as well as in New Zealand and familiar with farm equipments and modren machinery like tractors, plough, saprayer, combine harvester.

I am fluent in English and used to living in Commonwealth countries. I hold both India and New Zealand Driving licenses. I am non-drinker, non-smoker, never used any drugs in my life.

Currently I am working on my farms spread across two states in India (Punjab and Gujarat).

I have passion in farming and have great love for Canada’s culture of equality.


Karan beer Bhullar